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Vellencia Strategies is a boutique advisory firm comprising a diverse team of individuals who share a common goal of bridging the equity gap and helping small businesses succeed through managing strategic change, mitigating risk, and accelerating growth. Our business and innovation consulting, paired with a deep understanding of the digital space and building diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations, provide real business value to our clients through a high-touch human-centric approach.

Unleash business excellence without breaking the bank!

- Merrique Richards, CEO, Vellencia Strategies



Grow Your Vision!

Leading a company can be challenging, especially when it comes to optimizing your performance; thriving in today’s dynamic marketplace requires deep insight into new market fundamentals. Whether you are already well established or just starting out, Vellencia understands the trends influencing your business and we are standing by to help you uncover new opportunities, diverse ideas, and insights rooted in a profound understanding of our clients, colleagues, and communities. Reimagine your business and let us bring an unmatched personalized focus to every interaction helping you reach new heights.

Get Ahead of the Game 

Tired of counting pennies and praying for a financial miracle? Book your FREE business strategy consult now! Let us work our magic and bridge that pesky equity gap that so many small businesses face today. Unleash business excellence without breaking the bank! Trust us, your wallet (and sanity) will thank you.

Strategy Consulting

What do you envision for your business?

Realign and strategically apply your resources to position your business for growth. Consulting aids in building new capabilities essential for future success, providing expert guidance and actionable insights. Engage in strategy consulting to navigate challenges effectively and set your business on a sustainable path to success.


Market Analysis and Growth Strategies

We provide in-depth industry insights, competitor assessments, target market identification, and trend evaluation. We develop data-driven strategies to enhance your market positioning, fuel expansion, and ensure sustainable, profitable business growth.


Risk, Implementation and Operations

We provide an all-inclusive service, streamlining businesses' processes, reducing costs, and boosting efficiency by blending risk management, operational strategy and implementation best practices for sustainable growth and long-term success.


Grant Acquisition and Funding 

In partnership with local experts, we identify and help secure eligible grants at all government levels in Canada, accompanying you from discovery to expert grant writing. Engage with Vellencia to unlock essential funds for your SME's stable and continuous growth.

Brand Development

What does your business represent?

Developing your brand is essential to build trust and recognition among your customers. A strong brand sets you apart in a competitive market, securing customer loyalty and boosting profits. Through strategic branding, you'll effectively communicate your company's story and values, creating a compelling presence that leads to long-term success.


Brand Strategy and Graphic Design

We meticulously develop a visual identity and strategic positioning that resonate with your target audience. From startups crafting their initial brand to established companies seeking a refresh, our team creates compelling visuals and strategies that encapsulate your brand’s essence.


Website Design and Development

Our team creates responsive, visually appealing sites tailored to your brand’s identity and business goals. Whether you need a landing page or a comprehensive e-commerce platform, we craft seamless, user-friendly experiences that engage visitors and facilitate conversions!


Desktop Publishing and Visual Media

Our in-house expertise in visual media is merged with our graphic designers to transform your content into visually appealing, professional, and engaging print or digital materials, ensuring seamless communication and a compelling brand identity.

Digital Marketing

How do others view your business?

Digital marketing is essential for increasing your business's visibility and engagement. It allows you to efficiently reach and target a broader audience, boosting brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales. With the ability to track and analyze data, digital marketing is a crucial tool for growth in today’s tech-driven market.


Social Media Management

We deliver social media management services, crafting personalized content and engagement strategies to elevate your brand's online presence and foster community growth. Whether you are establishing a presence or a social media veteran, we have you covered! Iconography (3).png

SEO and SEM Strategy

We devise tailored optimization and marketing plans to enhance your website's visibility and drive targeted traffic. Whether you’re launching a new site or aiming to improve an existing one, our team is equipped to propel your online presence and boost conversions. Iconography (2).png

Digital Advertising

We craft and execute targeted campaigns that captivate your audience and drive conversion. Through strategic planning and data-driven insights, we ensure optimal placement and performance.  Count on us to amplify your brand’s reach and impact!

Cape Town City Center

Growth and comfort do not coexist.

- Ginni Rometty, CEO, IBM



Some of Our Key Players

At Vellencia, our Strategies Team is composed of a diverse group of individuals who share a common goal of bridging the equity gap and helping small businesses succeed. Our team members bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table, allowing us to approach challenges and opportunities from a variety of angles.

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What Our Clients Say

Megan Ryder-Burbidge, Co-founder, SORORAL

"SORORAL faced typical startup challenges before engaging Merrique and the team at Vellencia to support us. We needed specific market research tailored to our brand, which specializes in offering small-group travel experiences for women. From the moment we began working with Merrique, the experience was exceptionally positive. She was not only professional but also incredibly friendly and approachable, making the collaboration enjoyable. Most importantly, Merrique was genuinely dedicated to our mission and aligned tremendously with the values of SORORAL, which helped solidify our connection. The impact of our partnership was significant! Merrique delivered a comprehensive package of market research that proved invaluable to SORORAL, especially as we prepared to launch our business to the world. It provided us with a deep understanding of the market and its challenges and helped us focus on our client's needs and target destinations. Thanks to her support, we were better equipped to tailor our services and experiences to our target audience, ultimately contributing to our business's growth and success. We are extremely grateful for Merrique's expertise and commitment to our journey in the travel space."

Megan Ryder-Burbidge, Co-founder, SORORAL

Businesses and Clients We Work With

Common Ground Consulting
Unexpected Journeys

Empower Growth Today 

Are you ready for change but still not sure where to start? Allow Vellencia to guide you!


The Consultation

Book your FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss and define your strategic goals and objectives. The Vellencia team will then create a personalized proposal customized to the needs of you and your business. 


The Foundation

Once we understand your core business, Vellencia will perform a comprehensive gap analysis, integrating digital marketing components to identify strategic paths forward, serving as foundational insight and direction for the next phase.


The Path Forward

The final phase will include a complete report comprising of transformative in-depth analysis, actionable recommendations, and where deemed necessary, key contacts to strategically align your business with growth and success.  

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